Vladimir Tarasov


Vladimir Tarasov was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Since 1968 he has lived and worked in Vilnius, Lithuania.

From 1971 to 1986 Tarasov was a member of the jazz music trio GTC (Viatcheslav Ganelin, Vladimir Tarasov, Vladimir Chekasin). Since 1990 he has been a member of the Lithuanian Composers Union.

Vladimir Tarasov writes music for orchestras, film and theatre. With the GTC and many other artists and orchestras he has recorded more than 100 records and CDs, including 11 solo compositions for percussion. Since 1991 he has been engaged in visual arts. He arranges one-person exhibitions. In cooperation with Ilya Kabakov and other artists, V. Tarasov participated in many group exhibitions. In 1993-1994 he received a grant from Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (Germany), and in 1998 from Civitella Ranieri Center in Italy.

He is the author of the book Trio, published by Baltos Lankos publishing house (Vilnius, 1998) and by New Literary Observer publishing house (Moscow, 2004),
as well as of the book Tam Tam, published by NLO publishing house in 2009.

In 2009 Vladimir Tarasov received the independent art prize Triumph in Moscow.

He has taught and given lectures at Podewil Center in Berlin, Music Academy in Bremen, and Academies of Art in Orleans (France), Düsseldorf (Germany) and Vilnius (Lithuania); as well as at the Department of Art at California State University in Sacramento, at University of the Pacific in Stockton (USA), and at Institute of Studio Studies in conjunction with Yale University Summer Session in Pont-Aven, France.

Володимир Тарасов


Володимир Тарасов – всесвітньо відомий джазовий музикант, перкуссіоніст; одночасно відомий художник, автор енвайронментів, інсталяцій і творів відео арту. Живе і працює переважно у Вільнюсі.

Дві іпостасі митця – музиканта і художника доповнюють одне одне.
Музична творчість В. Тарасова у складі гурту «Тріо Ганеліна» з 70-х років захоплювала слухачів Вільнюсу, Каунасу, Москви, звучала на важливих фестивалях. Вона надихала інтелектуалів і митців, зокрема художників кола московських концептуалістів – І. Кабакова, Є. Гороховського, В. Півоварова, Е. Булатова та ін. У наступні роки популярність гурту все більше поширювалася серед слухачів різних міст і країн. У 80-х сольні виступи В. Тарасова привертали не меншу увагу і любов слухачів.

Творчість В. Тарасова як художника органічно виростає з його музики. Твори автора – інсталяції, енвайронменти, відео – поєднують концептуальну конструкцію з інтуїтивним і емоційним виконанням, який глядач сприймає у першу чергу. Глибинний, дещо прихований концептуалізм дозволяє автору легко співпрацювати з художникам-концептуалістами, наприклад, І. Кабаковим.
Виставка «Між звуком і зображенням» у галереї ART 14 є першою масштабною презентацією художньої творчості Володимира Тарасова у Києві. Відео, енвайронменти і інсталяції демонструють доробок митця останніх років.

Iryna Makarova-Visheslavskaya

007_Vysheslavska Iryna_9x12

Iryna Vysheslavska was born in Kyiv, in the famous poet Leonid Vysheslavsky and a philologist and poet Agnes Baltag’s family.


She studied at T. Shevchenko Kyiv Art School, at I. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Her teachers were Segal and Lavrenko. Subsequently, she continued her studies at the Kyiv Art Institute in the studio of V. Zabashta.


1975 – The Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine
1990 – The Member of “The Art of Peoples of the World” Association
1994 – The Member of the Association of Independent Artists “Terra”, Kyiv
1997 – The Member of “Maison des Artistes”, Paris


1984 – House of the Artist on the Crimean Quay, Moscow
1986 – The Library of Arts, Kyiv
1990 – Foundation of Ukrainian Culture, Toronto, Canada
1993 – The First exhibition in “StPetersbourg” gallery, Mougins, France
1994 – The Second exhibition in “StPetersbourg” gallery, Mougins, France
1995 – Galerie du Faubourg (Valbonne, France).
1996 – “Abela” Hotel (Nizza, France).
1997 – The Museum of Single Street (Kyiv, Ukraine).
1998 – Kiev Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv
2002 – Palais Carnolé’s Art Museum, Menton, France
2004 – Municipal Gallery, Antibes, France
2006 – “The Diary of the 70s”. “SoviArt” gallery, Kyiv
2007 – “Luba Ukraine” (” Beloved Ukraine”) exhibition. National Museum of Literature of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine).
2008 – “Wandering in the Space of Time”. National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv
2009 – Blok and Italy. Museum of Alexander Blok, Shakhmatovo, Russia
2010 – “Alexander Blok. Italian poetry “. Museum of the Silver Age, Moscow
2011 – “Faces and Mirages”. “Art14″ Gallery, Kyiv
2012 – “The Tales for Adults and Children” (together with Gleb Vysheslavsky). “Art14″ Gallery, Kyiv

Lidiya Borysenko


Was born in Lviv in 1965. Attended the S. Krushelnytska Specialized Music School in Lviv and the Lysenko Scepialized Music School in Kyiv.

Graduated from the Republican School of Art (Painting Department) and the State Applied and Decorative Art Institute in Lviv (Textile Art Department). Works in the following media: graphic art, levkas, embroidery, paintings, painted Easted eggs, collage. Her work has been exhibited in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France and Poland (10 one-man exhibitions).
She has also participated in international symposiums. Her work can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Belgium and the USA. Is a member of the Ukrainian National Artists’ Union since 1994.


2014 –  Personal exhibition. “Music that goes beyond the limit”, “ART-14″ gallery, Kiev
2013 –  Personal exhibition “Dedication” with Yaryna Sayenko, Museum of modern art, Chernihiv
2013-2014 –  Fourth All-Ukrainian Triennial of Textile, Society of Artists, Kyiv
2013 –  Exhibition “World quiet”, Art Arsenal, Kyiv
2012 –  Innovative Textile Ukraine. Modern Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv
2012 –  “My angel, my bodyguard.” National Museum of Ukrainian Art, Laura, Kyiv
2012 –  “The Light”. Ukrainian-Japanese exhibition. 12 Ukrainian and 12 Japanese artists, Tokyo
2011 –  Exhibition section PDM, “The Artist” gallery, Kyiv
2011 –  trajectory “Tex”,  “Art Space” gallery, Kyiv
2011 –  All-Ukrainian Triennial of Textile. Kyiv. Artists’ Union. Authors group performance “Magic ball”, Kyiv
2011 –  Center for Contemporary Art M17. The “Yin”, “Magic ball” Authors group performance, Kyiv
2010 –  “Angels Sophia”, Sofia. Metropolitan housing, Kyiv
2009-2010 – Ukrainian-Japanese exhibition. 12 Ukrainian, 12 Japanese artists. Kherson, Tokyo
2008 –  Christmas National exhibition. Union of Ukraine
2008 –  Christmas exhibition.  “DAVINCI” gallery
2008 –  Christmas exhibition.  “Circle-Zaspa” gallery
2007 –  All-Ukrainian triyenalye textiles. CX, Kyiv
2007 –  A joint project “Rado” with Nelly Isupov. Gallery “White Lion”, Kyiv
2007 –  “Covers”. Ukrainian House. Joint exhibition with Helen Pryduvalov
2005 –  Ukrainian triyenalye textiles. CX, Kyiv
2004 –  Christmas exhibition, “Circle” gallery, Kyiv
2003 –  200 imen. Ukrainian House, Christmas exhibition. NUAU, Kyiv
2002 –  International Textile Exhibition “Farbenat.” “Photo Essay”, Kyiv
2001 –  Christmas exhibition. NUAU, Kyiv
2000 –  Family Exhibition,  “Colors” gallery, Kyiv
1999 –  International Exhibition of mini-textiles, Lions
1998 –  International exhibition of textile art. Lodz, Poland
1997 –  National exhibition of painting on tkanyni. Khmelnitsky. Solo exhibition. Vayninhen, Switzerland
1996 –  International Symposium on textiles “Skifiya”, Kherson
1994 –  Ukrainian exhibition of painting on tkanyni. Khmelnitsky. Personal, “Honchari” gallery, Kyiv
1994 –  Personal. Center for Contemporary Art “Brahma”
1991 –  Exhibition sednivskoyi creative team. Finlyandiya, Kyiv
1991 –  Personal. Gallery Roman Shupera. Munich
1990 –  Lviv tapestry. Lions
1989 –  Republican exhibition of mini-textiles. Lions. 1988 Youth Exhibition, Kyiv
1986 –  All-Union Exhibition of Youth, Moscow


Glib Vishe-Slavskiy



State Art school, Kyiv.
1985 – Moscow Polygraphic institute.
1993 – Ecole nationale supérieure des beaux-arts, Christian Boltanski’ workshop, Paris.
1997 – Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kyiv.


Artist, art critic.
In 1980s, author of many personal exhibitions, also international and local group exhibitions (painting, graphics, photography, installation).
From 2003, works at Institute of contemporary art, Kyiv.
Participant of 50 Venice biennial of contemporary art.


1989 – Afterimages, “House 100” gallery, Moscow
1990 – Presence I, “Arbat” gallery, Moscow
1992 – Presence II, “Maison France-Russe”, Nice
1993 – Presence III, “Nikor” gallery, Moscow
1997 – Presence IV, “One Street Museum”, Kyiv
2001 – Back side, “Soviart” gallery, Kyiv
2002 – Clones, M. Cabaret gallery, Nice
2003 – South-North, French cultural centre, Kyiv
2004 – Under glass, “Irena”  gallery, Kyiv
2005 – Fields of time, “Irena” gallery, Kyiv
2005 – Water. Grass. Sand, Narbutas company show room, Kyiv
2006 – “Spaska 45” gallery, Mykolayv
2007 – Photography, “Irena” gallery, Kyiv
2010 – Windows, “Bottega”, Kyiv
2011 – Painting, Bank Academy, Sumy
2013 – Dreams about journeys, “ART-14″ gallery, Kiev







Taras Perun



Taras Perun was graduated from the Engineering and Technology department of the Chernivtsi State University (1978-1984), and post-graduate course of the Department of Correlation Optics of the same university.


Since 2007 Taras has been the Member of the National Union of Photographic Artists of Ukraine, the Head of the Chernivtsi Regional NUPAU Organization since 2009, the Member of the Admissions Committee of the National Library of Ukraine. He is the author of 8 personal photo exhibitions, participated in more than 50 international and domestic collective exhibitions in Ukraine, Romania, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland. T. Perun is one of the founders of Chernivtsi People’s Photo Club “Positive”.


2010 – “My Carpathians. Mountains and People”, Art Museum, Chernivtsi
2010 – “My Carpathians. Mountains and People”, the municipal gallery” Smuha “, Sumy
2011 – “My Carpathians. Mountains and People”, the museum-studio of photo art, Khmelnitsky
2012 – “Fragments”, the literary-memorial museum named after V. Korolenko, Poltava
2013 – “Resonance Reminiscences”, City Exhibit Hall, Kryvyi Rih
2013 – “Resonance Reminiscences”, Center of Bulgarian Culture, Odessa
2014 – “Hand Made”. Ivano-Frankivsk, The Gallery of the Union of Artists of Ukraine
2014 – Photo Exhibition, ART14 Gallery, Kyiv


2009 – “Ukraine is mine, Ukraine”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv
2010 – “The Two Views on Ukrainian Photography”, “Ra” Gallery, Kyiv
2011 – The Photo exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence, Bucharest, Romania
2011 – “Moments”, the exhibition hall of the Polish Club Photoclub, Warsaw, Poland
2011 – “SENSE”, “Coralie” Gallery, Lviv
2011 – “Romantic Photography”, House-Museum of Alexander Grin, Feodosia
2012 – “Three Sounds of Silence”, the Museum of Dreams, Kyiv
2012 – “Bukovinsky Melange”, the Municipal Exhibition Hall, Klagenfurt, Austria
2013 – “Reflexion von Wien”, the gallery of Chernivtsi City Hall, Chernivtsi
2013 – “Street Photography”, “Art-moorage”, Kyiv
2014 – “X-Dialogues”, “Art-moorage”, Kyiv


Genre and street photography, monochrome landscape, alternative techniques of photographic printing.

Vadim Petrov

36.В майстерD-2

Vadym Petrov was born in 1960 in Shostka, Sumy Region, Ukraine.
He lives and works in Kharkiv.

1975-79 Kharkiv Art College
1979-84 Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute (the department of monumental and decorative art).
Since 1985 he has participated in regional, republican and international art exhibitions.
Since 1988 he has been the Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine.

His works are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad:

Edward Nahamkin Gallery (USA).
N. Dodge collection (USA).
Ministry of Culture of Ukraine collection
Art Museum (Kharkiv).
Municipal Art Gallery (Kharkiv).
“University” Gallery (Kyiv).
“Atelier Karas” Gallery (Kyiv).




Alla Zhmaylo



Art School. Kyiv
Artistic-industrial college. Kyiv
Technological Institute of Light Industry. Kyiv


2015 – Objects and accessories, АRT 14 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 – The collection of accessories within the 34-Ukrainian Fashion Week. Kyiv, Ukraine
2010 – The collection of accessories, ART 14 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 – “Liberty” Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2002 – “Liberty” Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine
2001 – “Silver Bells” Gallery
1999 – Yevgeny Zavarzin Gallery
1999 – “M” Gallery
1997 – Ivan Kavaleridze House-museum


2016 – Alla Zhmaylo and Alexandr Stahov-Shuldyzhenko . London-Kyiv. ART 14 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2016 – “Approximation”, the collection of accessories, ART 14 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 – “Refraction”, the collection of accessories, ART 14 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 – Participation in the exhibition “The Music which exceeded the bounds”, the collection of accessories, ART 14 Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 – The 4th All-Ukrainian triennial of artistic textiles, Grand Prix for the work of “Vishivanka”. Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 – “Collaboration. Human area “, the collection of accessories, ART 14 Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine
2013 – “Coming out of Traditions”, the Ukrainian Museum of New York
2012 – “The New Art Textiles of Ukraine” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
1996 – “Paradjanov and his surroundings

Anatoliy Tverdyi


Born January 14, 1960, Kyiv
Lives and works in Kyiv
Member of Ukrainian Artists’ Union since 1991
Docent of drawing’ faculty, NAOMA


2014 – Panopticon’ project, ART 14
2009 – Parade’ project, Taiss’ gallery, Paris
2005 – personal exhibition, Artist’s House, Kyiv
2005 – God and its children’ project, Lavra’ gallery, Kyiv
2004 – El Dorado’ project, Tadzio gallery, Kyiv


2015 – Big sculpture salon’ special project, Arsenal, Kyiv
2015 – Resentiment, Sherbenko Art-center
2014 – Presentiment of revolution’ project, Dziga’ gallery, Lviv
2014 – Materials’ resistance’ project, Ukrainian institute for contemporary art
2014 – exhibition about Maidan, M17 gallery
2013 – Neobarocco’ project, Ukrainian National museum, Kyiv
2013 – Facebook friends’ exhibition, Lesia Ukrainka’ museum, Kyiv
2012 – Immersion’ project, ArtKyiv, Arsenal
2011 – Attraction of space’ project, Bratislava, Air gallery, Kyiv, Lavra’ gallery
2010 – Ukrainian art’ exhibition, Ukrainian Center, Paris
2009 – collaboration of Ukrainian and German artists, Artist’s House, Kyiv
2009 – Paris, ArtParis
2008 – Formula of metaphor’ project, Artist’s House, Kyiv
2007 – New trends in the Ukrainian contemporary art, Vilnius, Claipeda
2005 – Methamorphosis’ project, Central House of Artist, Moscow
2004 – Contemporary sculpture, Ukrainian National museum, Kyiv
2004 – Interconnection’ project, international art festival, Magdeburg
2003 – international art festival, Magdeburg

Oksana Movchan


Born: 1968, Kyiv, Ukraine
SNAP Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists
Union of Artists of Ukraine

1997   Post-Graduate Fellow Ukrainian, Academy of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
1994   Masters of Graphic Art, Academy of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
1992   Bachelor of Graphic Art, Academy of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine

Curator, Steppes Galleries, Edmonton, Alberta


2014  –  Cultural Diversity in the Arts; Edmonton Arts Council $ 7500.00
1998/99 –  Ontario Arts Council, Visual Arts Individual Grant $5000.00
1998/99 –  Canada Arts Council, In support of travel and disbursements $1000.00

Public Art Commissions Awarded
2012   – “Primary Colours of Life”, Ardrossan Recreation Complex; painting on kiln formed glass; 8.8’ x 16’ – 8 Panels, Ardrossan, Alberta
2012 –  “Sport”, Ardrossan Recreation Complex; painting on kiln formed glass; 62” x 93”  –  3 Panels, Ardrossan, Alberta
2009 –  “Flora”; painting on glass, 96”X72”, two panels, La Piazza Dasee, Flower Market, Edmonton, Alberta


2014 –  Recent Works, Steppes Gallery East, Edmonton, Alberta
2013 –  Precious B-Side, Peter Robertson Gallery Edmonton, Alberta
2013 –  Mirrors, Reflections & Fire, Steppes Gallery (East & West), Edmonton, Alberta
2012 –  Dual Metamorphosis, A Two Artist Exhibition, Steppes Gallery (East & West), Edmonton, Alberta
2011 –  Perspectives, Yana & Oksana Movchan, Royal Gallery Providence, Rhode Island, USA
2011 –  The Movchan Masters, McCallum Gallery Toronto, Ontario
2011 –  Art Expo, New York, New York, USA
2010 –  Etching, Painting on Glass, Steppes Gallery (East), Edmonton, Alberta
2009 –  Lightcatcher, Urban Roots Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2009 –  Recent Works, Steppes Gallery (East), Edmonton, Alberta
2007 –  “Collection”, Urban Roots Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta
2005 –  Recent Works, Profiles Public Art Gallery, St. Albert, Alberta
2004 –  “Contrasts”, Front Gallery, Edmonton Alberta
2003 –  Recent Works, Artloggja Gallery, Sponsored by Chapters, Toronto, Ontario
2001 –  Recent Works, Ukrainian National Museum of Art, Kyiv Ukraine
2001 – “Uninterrupted Union of Time”, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston Texas
1999 –  “Sacred”, Meli-Melo Artsist’s Affiance, Hong Kong China
1999 – Invited Exhibition, Ashton Evicta Gallery, Toronto Ontario
1998/99 – “Heaven Falls to Earth by Flowers”, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston Texas
1998 – “I Am Who I Am”, Propeller Center for the Visual Arts, Toronto Ontario
1996 – Recent Works, Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation, Toronto Ontario
1996 – Recent Works Roksolana Company (Art Division), Kyiv Ukraine
1994 –  “Laterna Grafika Exhibit”, L&L Art Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine
1994 – “Art-inform Gallery, Kyiv Shevchenko Museum, Kyiv Ukraine
1994 – “ARTkontrapunkt Gallery, Harms Seidel Foundation, Kyiv Ukraine


2014 – Our Art is Our Soul, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
2012 –  Fractured, Group Show, Steppes Gallery ( West), Edmonton, Alberta
2012 – Winter Group Show, Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2011 – Art Expo, Pier 94, New York, New York
2010 – Art Walk, Annual Juried Show, Edmonton, Alberta
2010 – Art after the Hangar-X, Edmonton, Alberta
2009 – Pulled from the Vault: Selected Prints from the Collection of Anya Tish Gallery, The Museum of Printing History, Houston, Texas
2009 –  Art Walk, Annual Juried Show, Edmonton, Alberta
2008 – International Printmaking Competition, SNAP, Edmonton Alberta
2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004  –  Art Walk, Annual Juried Show, Edmonton Alberta
2002 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Annual Juried Show, Toronto Ontario
2002 – Artists Proof Sale, Open Studio, Toronto Ontario
2001 – Wrexham Print International 2001, Wrexham Arts Center/Yale Memorial Gallery Werxham, N. Wales
2001 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Annual Juried Show, Toronto Ontario
2000 – “Prints Onry” Group Exhibition, Praxis Gallery, Toronto Ontario
2000 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Annual Juried Show, Toronto Ontario
2000 – Expressions in Art, St. Vlodymyr Cultural Center, Oakville Ontario
2000 – Print-World, KUMF Gallery, Toronto Ontario
2000 –  Artists Proof Sale, Open Studio, Toronto Ontario
1999 – Happy Nude Year, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston Texas
1999 – Boston International Art Show, Boston MA
1999 –  “Prints Only” Group Exhibition, Praxis Gallery, Toronto Ontario
1999 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Annual Juried Show, Toronto Ontario
1998/99 – “New Figures, New Faces”, Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation Gallery, Toronto,Ontario
1998 – ArtFocus 7th Annual Artists Show, BCE Place Toronto Ontario Best in Printmaking, Best in Show
1998 – International Print Triennial in Kanagawa 98 Japan (catalogue) 1998   – Best of International Printmaking, Anya Tish Gallery, Houston Texas
1998 – 100 Prints Event Art Auction, Open Studio, Toronto Ontario
1998 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Annual Juried Show, Toronto Ontario
1998 – Enter, New Member’s Show, Propeller Center for the Visual Arts, Toronto Ontario
1998 – Members Show, Color& Form Society, The Fairways Gallery, Toronto Ontario
1997 – Christmas Auction, Propeller Gallery, Toronto Ontario
1997 – Christmas Show, Red Head Gallery, Toronto Ontario
1997 – Christmas Auction, Open Studio, Toronto Ontario
1997 – Christmas Auction, Etobicoke City Hall Art Gallery, Toronto Ontario
1997 – Color and Form Society, Annual Open Juried Exhibition, Toronto Ontario        President’s Awar
1997 – Art Works!, Kitchener Outdoor Art Exhibition, Juried Show, Kitchener Ontario
1997 – Volya (Freedom), Detroit Mich
1997 – The 19th International Independent Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Japan (catalogue)
1997 – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Annual Juried Show, Toronto Ontario
1996 – Society of Canadian Artists Annual Open Juried Exhibition, Toronto Ontario
1996 –  Neilson Park CreativeCenter, Annual Juried Exhibition, Etobicoke Ontario, Honourable Mention
1996 –  “The Four Oksana Exhibition”, Graduate Program, Art Foyer Gallery Kyiv,  Ukraine (catalogue)
1996 – “Great Ukrainian Women Artists 96 ” National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv Ukraine (catalogue)
1996 – The 18th International Independent Exhibition of Prints in Kanagawa, Kanagawa, Japan (catalogue)
1995 – “PanUkraina 95 “International Biennial, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (catalogue)
1995 – “Kyivska Grafika 94″, Gallery of the Union of the Artist’s of Ukraine, Kyiv,  awarded “Best Graphic Work for 1994″, by the Arts Development Fund,  established by President of Ukraine, Leonid Krawchuk
1994 – Ukrainian Artists’ Exhibition, Mall Gallery, London England
1994 – The First Fair of Ukrainian Art Galleries, Art-inform Gallery, Kyiv Ukraine (catalogue)
1994 –  “Mifyky” (the Myths), Exhibit, demonstration and spectacle, Kyiv Ukraine  (catalogue)
1993 – “Modem Prints from Eastern Europe”, New Okina Gallery, Chiba Japan
1992 – Ukrainian Pavilion, “Salon International del Estudiante”, Granada Spain
1992 – “Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg 92 International Biennial of Graphic Art, Russia
1992 – “Cuprum V”, Copper Print Exhibition, Lubin Poland
1991 –  “Impreza 91 “International Biennial, Ivano-Frankrvsk, Ukraine
1990  – International Exhibition of Miniature Pri