Samuel Ackerman


1951 Born in Mukacevo, Ukraine
1970 Graduated from Uzhgorod Art School for Monumental Painting
1971-73 Served in the Soviet Army
1973 Emigrated to Israel with his family, settled in Jerusalem
Since 1984 lives in Paris
Married, two daughters


1976 – Tel Aviv. Alexandrowicz Gallery
1977 – Tel Aviv. International Art Fair
1978 – Jerusalem. The Artists House
1983 – Jerusalem. The Artists House. The Hive of Scrolls
1983 –  Tel Aviv. Ascoli Gallery. Healing Trees
1984 – Bern. Loeb Gallery. Parable of Ties
1986 –  Paris. Galerie Jean-Claude Marcadé. Entelechie
1989 –  Wiesbaden. Galerie Anita Farber. Pictural organisms
1991 – Moscow. National Library for Foreign Languages. Bee Hive of Paradigms
1992 – St-Petersburg. National Library of Russia. The roots of Time
1995 –  Kiev. National Museum for Ukrainian Art. Uzhgorod-Paris
2000 –  Paris. Lavoir Moderne Parisien Theatre. Chernobyl Cow and other
2000 –  Paris. Galerie K. A Unique Intervention
2000 –  Kiev. Contemporary Art Center. Shadow of Ashes
2000 – Czernowitz. The Ukrainian Art Museum. Meridian of Heart. In memoriam
of Paul Celan
2001 –  Haifa. Museum Mane Katz. Samuel Ackerman retrospective: A Jewish
Artist in Paris
2004. Kiev. Contemporary Art Center. A great game: Marcel Duchamp in Kiev.
2005. Paris. Galerie Art et Littérature. Ombres éveillées
2007. Budapest. Mucsarnok. Garments of the Earth. Presented by Minotaure
gallery, Paris-Tel-Aviv
2008. Paris, Galerie Minotaure, Les Habits de la Terre


1970 –  Uzhgorod. Young painters of Zakarpatye
1973 –  Uzhgorod. Young painters of Zakarpatye
1974 –  Israel. Travelling exhibition of Immigrant Artists
1975 –  The Artists House. Olim 1
1975 –  Jerusalem. Residence of the President of the State of Israel. Immigrant Artists exhibition
1977 –  Jerusalem. Jerusalem Theatre. Jerusalem Artists
1977 –  Jerusalem. The Israel Museum. An Installation
1978 –  Amsterdam. The Artists House, Arti et Amiticiae. Jerusalem Artists
1978 –  Ashdot Yaakov. Nechushtan Museum. Leviathan Group
1979 –  Bochum. Bochum Museum. Twenty years of Independent Art in USSR
1979 –  Jerusalem. The Artists House. Leviathan Group
1979 –  Haifa. Haifa Museum of Modern Art. Biennale of Young Artists
1980 –  Jerusalem. The Israel Museum. Seven Facets of an Exhibited Garden
1981 –  Haifa. Haifa Museum of Modern Art. Biennale of Young Artists
1982 –  Jerusalem. Jerusalem Theatre. Leviathan Group
1983 –  Haifa. Haifa Museum of Modern Art. Triennial of Israeli Graphics
1983 –  Ein Hod. Yanco Dada Museum. Contemporary Israeli Graphics
1983 –  Jerusalem. The Artists House. Metaphysics
1984 –  Jerusalem. The Israel Museum. Art in the Mirror of Itself
1985 –  Tel-Aviv. The University of Tel-Aviv Gallery. Transformations
1986 –  Paris. Le Grand Palais. Salon des Beaux-Arts
1990 –  London. Barbican Art Center. Chagall to Kitaj
1993 –  La Rochelle. ARECI. Trois artistes
1995 –  Schaerbeek (Belgium). Hotel Communal. Abstractions
2004 –  Magdeburg (Allemagne). IV International Art-Festival
2005 –  Cagnes-sur-Mer (France). Château-musée Grimaldi. Artistes russes non-
conformistes aujourd’hui
2005 –  Magdeburg (Allemagne). “Jetzt”, V International Art-Festival
2006 –  Tel Aviv. Gallery Bineth. My Parisian All-Stars
2006 –  Jerusalem. The Israel Museum. The Divine Image. Depicting God in Jewish and Israeli Art
2007 –  Paris, Galerie Minotaure (Maison de l’Industrie), Moscou-Paris 1960-2000
2008 –  Kiev, Musée de l’Art Russe, Volonté de l’immense
2009 –  Paris. Phase Zéro. 96 propositions spatiales. Galerie Serge Aboukrat
2012 –  Rostov-sur-Don. Inspired by Velimir. Khlebnikov and the contemporary art. State Public Library of the Don region
Œuvres dans des collections publiques

Musée Russe, Saint-Pétersbourg
Musée d’Israël, Jérusalem
Musée d’Art Moderne de Haïfa, Haïfa
Musée National de l’Art Ukrainien, Kiev

Anna Golubovska


Education: Odesa college of theater and art, Odesa’ institute of building and construction, faculty of architecture. Worked as architect in architectural bureau “Variart”.

Was director of “Liberty”  gallery, 1993 – 2006. That time also was working as designer, more concretely, books designer, many of which were rewarded by various book’ contests and fairs.

From beginning of 2000s, has been working with art photography, and steadily photography became a main business.

Core series in Anna oeuvre are portraits of Odesa artists, genre and street photography, shot in Odesa, and others cities in the world.

Anna was collaborated with various editions in Ukraine, Russia, France, participated in “Recontre musical international des graves” (Bordeaux, France).

Oleksij Marchitan

June 18, 1959, Mykolayv, Ukraine.
Member of National community of artists of Ukraine, from 1989.
Graduated from Odessa state pedagogical institute, faculty of graphics, 1982.
Lives and works in Mykolayv.


1989, 1991, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2009 – Mykolayv
1990 –  gallery at Volodymyrska street, Kyiv,
1991 – National Art Museum, Odesa
1993 – exhibition within a program “Days of Ukraine in Bavaria”, Munich, Germany
1993 – “International show case” ’ gallery, New York, USA
1995, 1996 –  “L-art”, Kyiv
2000, 2002 – “White moon” ’ gallery, Odesa
2006 –  “Pivdenna paradygma”, Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kyiv
2008 – “Zebs” gallery, Zaporiggia
2010 – National Art Museum, Odesa
2010 – “Prymus” gallery, Lviv
2010 – art-centre “Kvartyra”, Dnipropetrovsk


1988, 1989 – “Soviet Union  young art exhibition”, Moscow
1989 – “Sedniv-89”, National art museum, Kyiv
1990 – “Ukrainian painters (60s-80s)”, Kyiv-Odense, Denmark
1991 – “Ukrainian painting, XX century”, National Art Museum, Kyiv
1991 – “Art-imprezii”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv
1991 – “Art-fair”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv
1998 – “Threennial-98”, House of Artist, Kyiv
1992 – “Contemporary Ukrainian painting”, Center for economical achievements, Moscow
1993, 1994 – “Art-Expo”, New York, USA
2003 – “Libramont”, 16th International art edition, Libramont, Luxemburg
2000 – “Line-art”, Gent, Belgium
1993 – “Mythology in painting and sculpture”, “Ruf” ’ gallery, Munich, Germany
2001 – “Threennial-2001”, House of Artist, Kyiv
2005 – “Days of Ukraine in Russia”, Moscow
2005 – “Myth as a key to collective memory”, Peters Galleri, Cyprus
2006, 2007 – “Art-Kyiv”, Ukrainian House
2007 – International fair of culture and arts, Trebizond, Turkey
2011 – “Biriuchyi 2005-2010”, Institute for contemporary art, Kyiv
2012 – “Velykyi Pereviz”, “Lavra” ’ gallery, Kyiv