ART 14 Gallery


ART 14 Gallery was founded in 2010. It specializes in contemporary and modern art presentation. The gallery is located in an old residential building in the very heart of historic Kyiv. The gallery interior emphasizes its conceptual directions, unexpected view of the tradition, open-mindedness regarding present trends, professionalism and sophistication. The gallery practical activity is built up out of the points outlined. Its every exhibition is accompanied with a special atmosphere that accentuates the presented artist’s idea. 

The work on creating the environment is done by the gallery heads, Kateryna Borysenko and Glib Vysheslavsky, in collaboration with the artists exhibited at ART 14. Every time it means modernizing, updating and rethinking of an exhibition space through the lighting, interior accessories and music. The art aesthetic, as well as changes in the social, ideological and political contexts in society are taken into account.  



While an exhibition is ongoing, several receptions are held. The nature of a visit facilitates a dialogue communication with the audience, as well as friendly contacts between people, which is extremely positive in the reality of urban dissociated community. Apart from art lovers, a different range of professionals: artists, photographers, designers, stylists, art critics, filmmakers, museum staff, philosophers and students meet at the gallery. Gallery friends circle is expanding rapidly, making the exchange between these subcultural and professional environments, triggers lively communication, which is usually inhibited at formal kind of vernissages. 


Among ART 14 exhibitions arranged over the years, personal presentations have always dominated. As a rule, the artists who, despite their long way in arts, have not lost their love for creative experiments, risks of change in the aesthetics of their works, unusual forms of the author’s expression are presented at the gallery. Thus, the artists of the gallery are true experienced professionals, who avoid repetition, cliches or intrusive methods. Just because of these qualities they rarely cooperate with other galleries. It concerns the artists from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, Odessa, Poltava, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine as well as artists from other countries. 


Contemporary artists’ design thinking does not restrict them in their choice of artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpture, objects, installations, environments, photographs. In addition to exhibitions there are other events, occasionally held at the gallery including lectures, fashion collections shows, book presentations, music concerts, traditional festivals etc.