Olexandr Nikituk. The collection of values. 14.04 – 29.05.2016

Olexandr Nikituk


Oleksandr Nykytiuk is a talented artist, art projects curator, an organizer of artistic creative process in the Vinnytsia and in Ukraine . In particular, thanks to his efforts, land-art in Vinnytsia acquired the extraordinary growth during the 1990s – 2000s. “The collection of values” exhibition by Oleksandr Nykytiuk presents the objects, paintings, a series of photographs, which are the environment-art documentation (compositions created in the environment at different times, in different geographical locations).

Олександр Никитюк

The project is not limited by the gallery space since it echoes the surrounding area. According to the author’s intention, the exhibition is holistic, conceptual research project of how certain objects change their meaning and value depending on the context of their perceptions. This remarkable research project is a creative development, the continuation of Western conceptualists’ ideas, of course, taking into account the experience of postmodernists’ “game of simulacra”. According to the author, Oleksandr Nykytiuk “explores the process of converting the value weight of material objects depending on the context of a place, form and meaning of their placement. This metaphorical game of mythical contexts is the mean of creating objects-artifacts-simulacra of mythological space”.

Олександр Никитюк

The author directs a viewer’s reflection through his works to the names, quotations, images and statements known in narrow circles of contemporary art experts. However, Oleksandr Nykytiuk’s works are capable to touch aesthetically even an uninitiated in this “language” viewer, as it happens with artifacts created in ancient times by the civilizations unknown to us.

Олександр Никитюк

Олександр Никитюк  Олександр Никитюк