Alla Volobyeva. Wind of Tibet. 18.02-3.04.2016


ART 14 gallery represents “The Wind of Tibet”, a personal project by Alla Volobuyeva.

“The Wind on Tibet” exhibition represents a creative work by a talented young Kyiv artist Alla Volobuyeva. Her works immerse a viewer in a mysterious and beautiful world of Tibet, where she traveled for about two months.

The painting skill and personal artistic temperament combined with the vivid images of the ancient country, wrapped with legends, caused the emergence of a highly integrated series of paintings included in the exhibition and facilitated the creation of the exhibition design in the gallery room.

Alla Volobuyeva’s creative aesthetic continues and develops the best traditions of the Kiev figurative painting of the late nineties, in which expression is combined with exquisite color and subjective interpretation of the environment. However, unlike many artists who are close to this aesthetic, Alla Volobuyeva adds a powerful enzyme of romanticism that is an important part of her creative manner.

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Perhaps that is due to the romantic vision of the world, she is drawn to the mysterious images of distant lands such as Tibet, China or a tropical jungle. While contemplating her works some associations with romantic artists, poets’ creative works, with pioneers travelers’ photos are emerging.

One can recall those personalities whose creative restlessness repelled stagnation, sustained rules of environment and thereby provoked dangerous journeys to distant and little-known to the Europeans countries.

This expressive neoromanticism is felt in the lines written by the artist for this exhibition: “… the rocky mountains, marvelous in their beauty and powdered with snow, which have not seen any human presence for centuries, causing both fear and a state of rest …

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The temples, where millions of pilgrims gather to touch the most valuable things in their lives, to the Buddha’s teachings…

Throughout the trip I absorbed the beauty, tried to understand the secret power of the holy places that I visited, the people I met. Neither they nor I spoke a common language, but something inside us helped understand.

All that I could feel in Tibet inspired me to create a series of paintings … “.

According to ART 14 gallery tradition, due to the joint work of the author and the gallery staff, the exhibition was supplemented with the atmosphere of the specially developed exhibition design, which included the features of the objects location, installations, music and lighting.

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