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Today, 13.07.2010, opens “ART 14”’ gallery for visitors.

Old walls of Mykhaylivs’kyy Lane, 14, adapted spaces of basement, first floor, and yard are for meetings and exhibitions. Adaptation project is made by architects Y. Shalatskyy & T. Leonova, concept decision – by Kateryna Borysenko.


OLD WALLS’ exposition: collection of architecture projects by the single author, connecting by the theme of careful attitude toward the city culture, as a space of living.


Idea of to show my friends’ artworks is not an occasional one. All these artworks were created synchronically with my one architecture projects and directly influenced my ideology, style, and viewings.

Ievgen Prokopov
Ema Biegliarova
Inna Olevs’ka

By Y.Shalats’kyy

I am interested in people on margins, those, who as a rule we are not listen to, whom we are perceived as strange ones, and we can not understand their speeches, we are not able to see their pain.

They are coming out, too little they understood in their lives, often they were not given something important, and going out they are wondering, as children are: celebration is over, so where are the presents?

The life was their present, they themselves were the gift of life, but no one tried to explain this to them.