Svitlana Sholomitska «Iron. Touch» 21.09.2021- 16.10.2021

“A series about sensory experience, transmitted nonverbally, without a state of understanding, but by accepting the progress of nature, the passage of time, the change of states.  The beauty of oxidized iron at different stages.  Warm, earthy, rough volumes, inspired by the motives of Kyiv architectural constructivism and modernism, like short phrases from the streets… »

 – Svitlana Sholomitska

The exhibition includes works of:

Volodymyr Yershykhin, Oleksij Marchitan, Oksana Movchan, Glib Vyshe-Slavsky, Anatoliy Tverdyi, Gagik Kurgnyan, Samuel Ackerman and Olena Zviahintseva.