Fragment. Serhiy Zvyagintsev. 30.11-27.01.2019

Сергій Звягінцев. Фрагмент

Serhiy Zvyagintsev’s creative world is amazing in his language, sincerity of feelings, depth of ideas, and all of those are felt by the viewer.

The author doesn’t impose his concept on the viewers. His creative will is to give them the maximum space for their own reflections, to help them form their own impressions of works, their own atmosphere with a stream of associations to go into the fascinating travel by themselves. There is a certain element of interactivity, involving the viewers in co-creation.

But above all there is wonder of the materials, which most of the compositions are made from. They express anxiety, as they are not painting or ready-made. The materials create a transitional state that makes us wake up and, in order to comprehend what has been seen, turn on our knowledge, sensation, intuition.

The author says: “I want a person, who is standing in front of my work, to become a participator in the process of creation, to find their own plot, story, image on the canvas.”

The ART 14 Gallery’s exhibition consists of several series. These are “Fragments”, “Tile”, “Hidden”. Each series, as already mentioned, creates its own atmosphere, which forms the viewer’s feelings and thoughts.

 “Fragments” is devoted to how a person can perceive the coexistence of universal and individual in all dimensions of feelings and ideas; their personality and external infinity.

“Tile” represents objects, absorbed into the clay of tiles. They tell the viewer about the time, its space boundaries and the short human time that is protected by these tiles.

“Hidden”. The works of this series give the viewers the opportunity to feel the barely existing boundary between the inner and the outer, our own “I” and its public manifestation, “open and hidden”, which is branched out as “strong – weak, good – bad, artist-viewer, life-death”.

The works by Sergei Zvyagintsev are polyvalent and polysemantic. The viewer does not feel tired looking at them, finding more and more new associations at the intersections of numerous symbols. It definitely captures.

Glib Vysheslavsky

47379551_1159320004235872_4482275428278468608_o_DSF4113-HDR _DSF3992_DSF4001 (1) №7. Звягінцев Сергій, Приховане-2, 2018, папір_олівець, 13.5х9 смСкрытое-1, 13.5х9 см, карандаш_бумага, 2018_DSF3925 _DSF3903


_DSF4058№5. Звягінцев Сергій, Фрагмент-5, 2018, полотно_олія, 210х200 см