Volodymyr Bazan

Volodymyr Bazan

Volodymyr Bazan was born on 21/10/1953 in Unecha, Bryansk Region.
Since 1956 he has lived in Vitebsk.
He was graduated from the art and graphic department of Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute (1978).
He worked as a photographer, reporter, executive secretary in a factory newspaper “Budivelnyk” (“Builder”) (1980-1990).
A founder (together with a photographer Igor Leykin), editor, designer and a photographer of the first Belorussian non-state socio-political newspaper “Vitebsk Courier” (1989-2007). The newspaper was awarded by a German journalist Gerd Butseriusa Foundation and Norwegian Fund “Freedom of Speech” (2005).

Participation in exhibitions since 1973. Vitebsk region Lenin Komsomol laureate for the series of works “Children” (1985). Gold medals of ENEA USSR for a series of photographs “Think, boy…” about the children of the colony (1987). The medal “For Perfect Mastery” at the exhibition «The Epoch Times First Grand Photography Competition» for the photo “The game of checkers” (2007, USA).

Vladimir participated in such exhibitions as “Venus” in Krakow (1976), “A Man and Time” in Moscow (1980), “Infoskanbaltik” in Rostock (1983), “Photolaugh” in Gabrovo (1984), “Health for Everyone” Geneva (1988), “Generation” at the UNESCO Palace in Paris (1987).
In the mid-80s he was the head of the Vitebsk photo club “Vitba.”

Reportage, journalistic and genre photography take the central part in the author’s creative work. Among the series of works is “Think, guy …” (1982-2005), “A Celebration in the Orthodox Church” (1988), “The Pioneer Camp” (1989), “Signs” (1989), “Chernobyl Still Life” (1996), ” Paris! Paris … I do not want to go home … “(2001-2007), a photo series “Armenia. December. 1988 “. The photos of the earthquake in Armenia were awarded the first prize at the photo festival in GDR “Infoskanbaltik” by Zeiss-Praktik company).
He was the chief editor of a special issue of the newspaper dedicated to the first Shahalov’s days in Vitebsk (1991).

The photos demonstrate some original ideas, techniques, composition, a careful selection of model material, a great feeling of light nuances and a high professionalism of technical performance. Since 2008 he has been living in Paris.

His solo exhibitions took place in Lithuania (Kaunas 1987, Vilnius 2003), Estonia (Tallinn 1989), Latvia (Daugavpils 2001, Riga 2007), Poland (Holenёv 1998), Germany (Hamm 1993, Nienburg 1998 Hamburg 2006), Norway (Oslo 2005) Spain (Córdoba 2006, 2007), Belarus (Baranovichi, Borisov, Slonim, Brest, Minsk, Vitebsk), France (Paris 2010, 2012, 2016).

His photos were published in “Soviet Photo” journal, as well as in “Light”, “Theater”, «New Russian Word”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “The Flag of Youth”, “Vitebsk Courier”.
Vladimir Bazan is the author of the albums “Vitebsk” 2004, “Vitebsk” 2006, “Vitebsk” 2007, “Nienburg” 2007, “Marc Chagall and Vitebsk” 2008.