Anatoliy Tverdyi. Panopticon. 21.03–21.04.2014


The exhibition called “Panopticon” in Art 14 gallery presents new works by famous Kyiv artist Anatoly Tverdyi.

The collages, objects and assemblages by A. Tverdyi are created thanks to such remarkable features of the artist’s talent as humor, combined with a subtle sense of style and the ability to intuitive reflection of the most acute social problems of modern life.

That is not only decorative and external showiness presented in these works. No. The spectator who is familiar with the socio-cultural and political realities of Ukraine can easily recognize the author’s visual codes. Thus, the use of torn work wear next to gold-plated baroque scrolls, conveys the state of modern cities, full of historical monuments and people who are indifferent to them. Some author’s compositions convey his sarcasm against the ignorance and stereotypes.

In his creative work A. Tverdyi successfully combines conceptual idea and its spectacular implementation at the level of plastic of art material, and humor with very serious issues.