Anatoliy Tverdyi. Euphoria. 20.09.2015


Anatoliy Tverdyi‘s “Euphoria” is the artist’s second personal exhibition at ART 14 gallery. Great sized assemblages and installations create an atmosphere of a celebration, disco, grand festival, where all the visitors are invited to. Eclecticism and camp serve as the main author’s artistic techniques.

The artist’s works are full of characters and symbols known to audience from songs, humorous stories, anecdotes, which he juggles professionally. Anatoily Tverdyi activates viewers’ memory that makes half-forgotten from the 90s “mattresses filled with money”, “dollars flying”, rocker clothes and disco in the style of “techno” emerge. These “renewed” nineties, embellished by the artist, seem to be compared to the present, just as tv is predicting.

However, one should not think that Anatoily Tverdyi offers us his impressionistic vision of life. His author’s position, the angle of view are especially important here. The artist’s manner and the materials used by the author show the distance, which he treats the depicted objects. Therefore, lively humor and witticism take overtones of sarcasm and skepticism to an attentive viewer. These are the notions, which are as known opposed to humor, but due to their simultaneous application by the author, a wide emotional range has been achieved.

Anatoliy Tverdyi has created the exhibition – illustration for the book of today, which is full of contradictory associations, irony and thoughts embodied in his works.