Testament’s Pure Whiteness. Samuel Ackerman and Oleg Lyshega. 5.04-12.05.2018

Within the framework of the French Spring-2018, ART 14 presents the exhibition “Testament’s Pure Whiteness” by a French-Ukrainian artist Samuel Ackerman and a Ukrainian writer and artist Oleg Lyshega.

The combining of the two masters’ creative works within this project is not accidental. It emphasizes the community of the both authors’ creative search although they were not familiar with each other and worked in different countries and in different cultural contexts. However, this community is not accidental, as it is an important tendency of the European culture of the twentieth century to their original sources and to the original meanings that are available in the present through archaic symbols.

Oleg Lyshega (1949-2014) is a poet, playwright, publicist and interpreter who opened new horizons to Ukrainian literature with his poems and poetic prose as well as translations. The less known side of his creative work is painting and sculpture.

Samuel Ackerman is a famous Ukrainian-French artist, the author of many exhibitions in France, Israel, Ukraine, representing the objects and watercolors, some of which are inspired by Oleg Lyshega’s poetry.

Glib Vysheslavsky