Anne Morgane

Anne Morgan

Ann Morgann was born on July 2, 1966 in Aix-en-Provence.
Dedicated 18 years to perfume creation, she found inspiration in plants.
She develops her painting technique at Beaux Arts workshops in Paris and Singapore.
Her paintings reflect a view of nature where the occasional unfinished strokes on canvas reveal the secrets of the flora.
Ann Morgann seeks for tenderness and sensuality in the color combinations as well as in the synergy of water, plants and natural materials. She loves painting on large canvas or creating modular paintings in free style that are not tied to the size of the canvas.
She now works in her studio in the heart of the capital, and is regularly exhibited being supported by the city hall of Paris.
She was noted during the 30th Biennial for painters and sculptors led by Dominique Sennelye and Alain Pontecorvo.
Her style is frankly imaginative writing, in which colors are “out of time”, where emptiness and fullness accentuate every curve and shape, and thus convey the play of light.
At the moment she works at Miroiterie studio in Paris.